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aftermath_coverAftermath carries on immediately from where Fair Rebel leaves off. Meet Simoon and Gayle in an early preview of Steph’s next novel, The Savant and the Snake. This slim but beautifully presented booklet also contains additional, previously unseen, material including a timeline of the Fourlands.

Aftermath is available from Air and Nothingness Press.

76 pages – perfect bound edition with french flaps

25 copies are signed and numbered – $14.00US
75 copies are unnumbered – $12.00US

Wrought Gothic

wroughtgothicWrought Gothic is a collection of mood pieces and background writings which illuminate some less familiar corners of the Fourlands. These are not short stories but rather literary vignettes from the Castle mythos which did not make it into the novels.

Wrought Gothic
The Insect Hordes
Linnet’s Tour Guide: 1. The Vertigo Spur
Linnet’s Tour Guide: 2. The Grass Isle
Linnet’s Tour Guide: 3. Lakeland Awia
Simoon the Treasurer’s History of Hacilith
Hacilith 1816: Jant saves Debrah
Hacilith 1817: The Scrapyard
Hacilith 1818: Felicitia’s Saturday Night

Wrought Gothic is a sumptuously presented booklet, available directly from Air and Nothingness Press.

The Wheel of Fortune

cover_radvanfortuinHet Rad von Fortuin (The Wheel of Fortune) is a long-ish short story, written for the Splinters series of Dutch publisher Quasis, edited by Jasper Polane. It is exclusively available in Dutch.

You can find reviews in English and in Dutch here and here.

It was stylishly translated by Eisso Post and the magnificent cover art is by Todd Sanders.

Eventually Jant’s early adventures in Hacilith will appear as a full-length novel. But not just yet!