Rebel, rebel

The paperback of Fair Rebel is out today! It makes an excellent Christmas gift 😉 Get it from Amazon or your favourite bookseller now.


The other Castle novels have also been reprinted with new, matching, covers:



My new long short story, Tempo, was published today (in Dutch), available from Quasis. It was translated by wonderful Jasper Polane and the cover art was produced by the talented Todd Sanders.

In the year 625, five years after Saker took his place in the Circle as Lightning, he returns home on leave from the war. Instead of rest, he finds renewed rivalry with his brother Gyr; a rivalry which will be played out in a deadly chariot race which can only have one victor. But Saker has another reason to return to Micawater: his lover, Martyn. If she marries him, she will also be made immortal. Can their scandalous love prove stronger than the taboos which hold them apart?



Review of Fair Rebel

Rob Weber’s review of Fair Rebel.

‘The novel reads like Swainston never really left Fourlands. It is a seamless continuation of the story and I think most readers will agree it was more than worth the wait. Swainston is clearly not done with her creation. She leaves us with the promise of a sixth novel in the making…’

Fair Rebel out today!

Fifteen years after the last devastating Insect attack, the immortal Circle is finally ready to launch an offensive against their implacable enemies. This time they have a new weapon – gunpowder. Hopes are high.

But the Circle’s plans are threatened when the vital barrels of gunpowder go missing. Jant, the Circle’s winged messenger, is tasked to investigate. Soon it becomes clear that the theft is part of a deadly conspiracy . . . and Jant and his friends are among the targets.

As tensions rise, Jant races to foil the conspirators. Can he expose them in time – or will the crisis blow the Fourlands apart?

Available now as paperback, Kindle and epub!

Fair Rebel cover


Aftermath is available now. It follows directly from Fair Rebel, and is the first two chapters of the next novel.

It deals with the aftermath of Fair Rebel, as new characters Gayle and Simoon deal with a world in turmoil.


Aftermath also has a selection of background material, including the a timeline of the Fourlands.


It is a beautifully-produced book of 76 pages, in a limited edition of 100 copies. 25 signed, numbered copies with bookplates are available.

Aftermath has been produced to the highest standard by Todd Sanders of Air and Nothingness Press (AAN). It also forms an attractive sister volume to Wrought Gothic, also available from AAN.

The working title of the next Castle novel (6) is The Savant and the Snake.


Grass Isle

Grass Isle. Ata Dei was originally a butcher’s girl from the village around September Tower bay. After she married Shearwater Mist and came to the Castle, she built a series of towers around the island, and ultimately fought him, for his place in the Circle, in The Year of Our War.grass_isle_30

Drawn by Todd Sanders of AAN Press. Thank you, Todd.

Ask me Anything — Reddit Fantasy

I’ll be doing an Ask me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit Fantasy on Thursday 1 December, from 7am until midnight GMT, to celebrate the publication of Fair Rebel and Aftermath, and all the Castle books.

Everyone’s welcome to drop by and confound & enlighten me.

Timing worldwide:
2am to 7pm EST
11pm to 4pm PST
8am to 01am Friday Paris GMT+1
6pm to 6pm Friday Sydney GMT+11
On the day I’ll be chugging coffee and watching the board live. But after the session I’ll still check back and answer any questions left.