Turning Point

What’s Steph been doing? Writing short stories, that’s what.

At turning points, we face decisions. Three of the Castle’s immortals – Lightning, Simoon and Jant – relate pivotal moments of their lives. A deadly chariot race forces Lightning to choose between his lover and his family; Simoon must decide what value he places on friendship, and Jant faces the consequence of his decisions to betray others. As a bonus, three short tales of the immortals’ deeds are extracted from the Histories written by Simoon. But which are myth, and which reality?

Turning Point is a collection of four stories. Two – ‘Velocity’ and ‘The Wheel of Fortune’ – have never been published in English before, and two – ‘The Bliss of Solitude’ and ‘Tales of the Immortals’ – are published here for the first time. The book also contains two maps of Hacilith – tracing the effects of the ‘Simoon Boom’ – and the Micawater family tree, which would definitely help if you ever get stuck talking to Saker at a party.

Turning Point is available for pre-order from Air and Nothingness Press. A limited edition of signed and numbered copies is available those who are as fast as a Rhydanne.

Turning Point cover

Fair Rebel coming in November

Fair Rebel, the 5th Castle book, will be published in late November. It involves guitars, things exploding, and girls kissing. There’s definitely a large newt somewhere in it, too.

I may have been quite angry about a few things when I wrote it. The first person to send me a full list of them wins a prize.

Fair Rebel cover