Wrought Gothic

Before I wrote The Year of Our War, I used to write Castle mainly as shorter scenes, not complete stories, usually of a few of the characters in conversation or other interesting situations. A while back, I published some of the more complete ones on my old website. Now these, along with a small amount of new material, have been brought together by Todd Sanders of Air and Nothingness Press into a limited run of beautifully designed booklets.

Wrought Gothic Contents:

Wrought Gothic
The Insect Hordes
Linnet’s Tour Guide: 1. The Vertigo Spur
Linnet’s Tour Guide: 2. The Grass Isle
Linnet’s Tour Guide: 3. Lakeland Awia
Simoon the Treasurer’s History of Hacilith
Hacilith 1816: Jant saves Debrah
Hacilith 1817: The Scrapyard
Hacilith 1818: Felicitia’s Saturday Night



These are not short stories but rather mood pieces and background writing which illuminate some less familiar corners of the Fourlands.

Wrought Gothic is available to buy now, directly through Air and Nothingness’ website.



One thought on “Wrought Gothic

  1. Was a great pleasure working with you on this small book of your background material. The main story “Wrought Gothic’ is one of my favorite characters sketches of Comet and Lightning. Hope we can do a few more volumes!

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