Grass Isle

Grass Isle. Ata Dei was originally a butcher’s girl from the village around September Tower bay. After she married Shearwater Mist and came to the Castle, she built a series of towers around the island, and ultimately fought him, for his place in the Circle, in The Year of Our War.grass_isle_30

Drawn by Todd Sanders of AAN Press. Thank you, Todd.


Ask me Anything — Reddit Fantasy

I’ll be doing an Ask me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit Fantasy on Thursday 1 December, from 7am until midnight GMT, to celebrate the publication of Fair Rebel and Aftermath, and all the Castle books.

Everyone’s welcome to drop by and confound & enlighten me.

Timing worldwide:
2am to 7pm EST
11pm to 4pm PST
8am to 01am Friday Paris GMT+1
6pm to 6pm Friday Sydney GMT+11
On the day I’ll be chugging coffee and watching the board live. But after the session I’ll still check back and answer any questions left.

Wrought Gothic

Before I wrote The Year of Our War, I used to write Castle mainly as shorter scenes, not complete stories, usually of a few of the characters in conversation or other interesting situations. A while back, I published some of the more complete ones on my old website. Now these, along with a small amount of new material, have been brought together by Todd Sanders of Air and Nothingness Press into a limited run of beautifully designed booklets.

Wrought Gothic Contents:

Wrought Gothic
The Insect Hordes
Linnet’s Tour Guide: 1. The Vertigo Spur
Linnet’s Tour Guide: 2. The Grass Isle
Linnet’s Tour Guide: 3. Lakeland Awia
Simoon the Treasurer’s History of Hacilith
Hacilith 1816: Jant saves Debrah
Hacilith 1817: The Scrapyard
Hacilith 1818: Felicitia’s Saturday Night



These are not short stories but rather mood pieces and background writing which illuminate some less familiar corners of the Fourlands.

Wrought Gothic is available to buy now, directly through Air and Nothingness’ website.



The Castle

The Castle often appears in the books but do you know Lisade from Mare’s Run? Or where the Starglass Quad is? Well all your questions can now be answered, as there is a beautifully-drawn plan of the Castle right here. My thanks to the wonderful Todd Sanders for transforming my original sketch so beautifully.

The Wheel of Fortune

I’veHet Rad van Fortuin written a new (long) short story, The Wheel of Fortune, for Dutch publisher Quasis. It’s now available, in Dutch, as Het Rad van Fortuin in their Splinters series, edited by Jasper Polane.

The story tells of Jant’s final days in Hacilith Moren and how he came to leave the city to travel to the Castle. You can find reviews in English and in Dutch here and here.

It was stylishly translated by Eisso Post and the magnificent cover art is by Todd Sanders.

Eventually Jant’s early adventures in Hacilith will appear as a full-length novel. But not just yet!