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cover_radvanfortuin2Here I talk to Rob Weber about The Wheel of Fortune, how Hacilith is like Bradford (except without the ram-raiding), and about genre and why it’s overdone.

In English:

In Dutch:

The Wheel of Fortune

I’veHet Rad van Fortuin written a new (long) short story, The Wheel of Fortune, for Dutch publisher Quasis. It’s now available, in Dutch, as Het Rad van Fortuin in their Splinters series, edited by Jasper Polane.

The story tells of Jant’s final days in Hacilith Moren and how he came to leave the city to travel to the Castle. You can find reviews in English and in Dutch here and here.

It was stylishly translated by Eisso Post and the magnificent cover art is by Todd Sanders.

Eventually Jant’s early adventures in Hacilith will appear as a full-length novel. But not just yet!